The American Rescue Plan is a tremendous opportunity for state and local municipalities to support their constituents with short and longer term supports.   From systemic improvements for your organization to direct services that support small business and individuals, we have the tools and skills to make sure your investments align with your current work without leaving systems unsupported.  We understand the need for rapid planning paired with responsible stewardship.  Our professionals have years of experience and careers built in public service including human services, labor, education and administration.  We understand the challenges you and your staff face when addressing community needs, staffing, change management and mission alignment.

Capacity analysis and planning

New funding comes with new short term and long term impacts to your staff, space and infrastructure.   Taking careful steps to balance the value added by new initiatives with the effort to start, integrate or deploy resources ensures the sustainability of your efforts and the buy in of staff and community.  Let us help you make smart choices that consider the current capacity of your organization, where additional resources can be found and what projects are a good fit.

Our capacity analysis services explore the availability of project management resources, administrative resources, physical space, staff time, community resources and internal system capacity.  Armed with this information you can make decisions for funding that make the work manageable.   

Gap Analysis and project Selection

Your organization is already invested in serving your community.  Be it in education, workforce programs, municipal services, or administration of state programs, you have a service delivery model and mission that is already working.  You might already know what expansions or new services you would like to have or you might be making still be considering options.  

Our gap analysis work will identify areas were expansion or additions make sense, areas that are already meeting community needs, and new areas that align with your mission and purpose.   If you already know the direction you want to go, we can explore identify ways to leverage current systems to promote efficiency and sustainability. 

Business PRocess Integration

Let us do the work to create systems of change and integration into your current service deliver models.  


New initiatives and spending means new resources need for the initial lift and delivery.  We can provide short or long term project management resources to do the one-time work of consumable services or longer-term set up and integration of new services. 


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