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Rocky Mountain Sage LLC is the inspiration of years of service to communities, local governments and non-profits.  We have seen the power of passionate people united around a common mission.  We are a values based organization that understands that effective change starts by embracing what value and quality mean to your customers and to you.  This is reflected in every aspect of the people and actions that accomplish your goals.

We know that taking your organization to the next level requires an infusion of capacity, innovation and process improvement.  We hope to provide that energy while shifting the momentum to you and your staff.   We welcome the opportunity to explore solutions with you.  We provide a framework for change that can be tailored to your needs.  

If it’s leadership consultation, system analysis or an increase in short term capacity, we have tools to help engage and energize your team. 



Strengthening service organizations through creative solutions that leverage a people-first strategy to align efficiency and growth with your values.






It’s that simple.

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